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We have developed the Pointlogic Bizpoint software solution as a customisable solution for your budgeting questions. The software will support a process where you, together with other stakeholders, identify and collect relevant information for the products and markets before turning that information into budgeting scenarios to evaluate and choose from. What is the expected market growth? How are demographics changing? What is the overall pricing trend of products? What is the strategic long-term importance of a market or product for a company? What is the impact of marketing spending?




Pointlogic Brandpoint is a software and analytical solution to integrate various sources of information to help you find opportunities for brands and products, while providing a framework upon which brands and agencies can act towards the identified opportunities. The software will help you to identify opportunities concerning the product itself, showing the business case for pricing strategies and product innovations.




Pointlogic Commspoint is a solution that enables strategic planners to compare various communication channels before producing optimal communication plans for the brands – this is the stage before optimising reach and frequencies by selecting the optimal vehicles as provided by Pointlogic Pinpoint. The Commspoint system is typically built on consumer research, a survey conducted amongst media experts, and results from measuring the ROI of media, for example, by using the Pointlogic Valuepoint solution.




Pointlogic Pinpoint is a portfolio of agency solutions used to optimise the precision planning of various media, in contrast to the broader level of communication planning as provided by Pointlogic Commspoint. The solutions handle all the complexities that come with data, mathematical optimisation, media duplication, and behavioural audiences etc inside the box, while providing users with a clear and user-friendly experience. Clients use Pinpoint to optimise the buy across a portfolio of brands, to understand and set optimal weights and frequencies, to manage cross media reach and frequencies as well as to analyse media behaviour from shopper profiles.




Pointlogic Valuepoint is a solution to help you to understand the various media’s impact on the brand-consumer relationship. We provide granular results from the major (paid-) media as well as other ways that consumers interact with your brand, for example, PR, social media, sponsorships, and in-store. We understand that research using recall is biased, and has a smart way of avoiding such bias by merging with actual media reach and frequency data. We can narrow it down to understanding media synergies or the effectiveness of various creative executions.


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