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Pointlogic Valuepoint is a solution to help you to understand the various media’s impact on the brand-consumer relationship. We provide granular results from the major (paid-) media as well as other ways that consumers interact with your brand, for example, PR, social media, sponsorships, and in-store. We understand that research using recall is biased, and has a smart way of avoiding such bias by merging with actual media reach and frequency data. We can narrow it down to understanding media synergies or the effectiveness of various creative executions.

We can provide the return-on investments for various early stages of the path-to-purchase such as awareness and preference, or analyse how the media is affecting sales and your bottom line. The solution further includes software that allows you to analyse various budget scenarios, including changing the media mix and/or changing the overall budget. The software can be extended to the full functionality of Pointlogic Commspoint, thus delivering a fully integrated planning and ROI solution for media investments.

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