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This page contains information on installing your software on a network drive.


Where is the software installed?

Pointlogic software is installed in the directory on the network location selected during the installation.


What do I need to install using Network?

  • Sufficient installation privileges*
  • Mapped drives (e.g. P:\Pointlogic\)

Do not install directly in the c:\ directory of the server PC, install from a clientPC
  • Create a Windows user group with sufficient access permission to the network drive

Read more about file & folder permissions here


 * Contact your IT department to check if your Windows account has sufficient installation privileges


Installation | ClientDownload Client LG

For specific Pointlogic software it is necessary to use a client installation to link each client PC to the network installation. If needed; a download button for the client installation file is present on the download page. In case there is no client installation file you can simply create a shortcut on each user's desktop to connect to the installation file on the network drive.


What are the installation steps?

During the installation windows appear which guide you through the installation process:

1. Welcome to the Setup Wizard - 128x2. License agreement - 128x3. Select Destination Location - 128x4. Select Start Menu Folder - 1285. Select Additional Tasks - 128x7. Completing the Setup Wizard - 128x




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