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How to Register

On this page the process of registering our software is explained. Registering our software is necessary to start using it. 

We have two Registration Methods. Both are described below. 


1 | Register Screen

When you have successfully installed our software a pop-up message will appear, the Register screen. To receive your activation code (or unlock code) you are required to fill in all fields:

Register screen EN   Default new logo 



Fill in your full name (first and last)

E-mail *

Fill in your work e-mail address

Company *   

Fill in your company name


Fill in the city where your office is located

Country *

Use the dropdown box to select the country where your office is located


Fields marked with a '*' are required


Are you working for an external IT company?

Make sure to send in the request providing client credentials.

2 | Check Advanced settings

Make sure to select the option 'Network' in the Advanced Settings screen if you are installing Pointlogic software on a network or shared location.

In case you are installing software on your own PC; you can skip this step.

3 | Send your request to Pointlogic

To send your request to Pointlogic, all you need to do is click 'Send to Pointlogic' or 'Register online' and 'Submit your request' on the next appearing webpage.

Register screen EN Default new logo2

4 | Submit your request

On the appearing webpage, please make sure you click 'Submit your request' to finalize your request.

If the website does not appear, please click “Create register file” or “Register offline”. This will generate a Register file (*.pbf). Save this file on your computer and send this to support@pointlogic.com

5 | Activate your software

If all the information you provided is correct you will receive an activation/ unlock code shortly after your request. In the e-mail containing the activation/ unlock code instructions on how to activate/ unlock the software are provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Some requests require specific checks which cause a delay. These checks might include a check with a specific department of your company or with our Finance department. Contact us if you have any questions.



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How to Register 2018 software

This process is slightly different than the previous unlock process. 

The first time you open your 2018 Pointlogic software, the Pointlogic Security window will appear, prompting you to login or create an account. 

1 | Pointlogic Security Screen

If this is your first time using this specific software, please click ‘Create account’ in the Login screen.


Are you working for an IT department or external IT company?

Make sure all individual software users create their own account.

2 | Enter work email address

Please enter and confirm your work email address and click next. 


You will be directed to either one of the below screens (3 or 4):

3 | You don't have an account yet

Please create a password, (in some cases please enter the Company Code provided to you by your company) enter your first and last name and click ‘OK’.


 If all information is correct, you are directed to this webpage:


Please check your email, click the link in the email and start using our software with the newly created login credentials.

4 | You already have an account

Please enter the password you use to login to other Pointlogic software (in some cases please also enter the Company Code provided to you by your company) and click ‘OK’.


NOTE: For security reasons each time you open the tool, you need to enter your username and password.

5 | Forgot password?

In case you forgot your password, please click ‘Forgot Password’ in the Pointlogic security screen.



Enter your work email address and click ‘OK’. You will receive an email with a password reset link shortly after that. Click the link in the email to go to the page below:


Choose a new password (in some cases also enter the Company Code that was provided to you by your company and click ‘OK”.

Contact us if you have any questions.


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Software registration explained


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